We are all moved in

Thank fucking Christ

I’ll be on tumblr tomorrow when we have real internet (I have messages I haven’t answered in like a week, sorry ehhhh)

I’m so exhausted

This pizza was all that mattered

It took from getting up at 7 am until 6pm when we finished

My whole body is an ache

I’m so glad we are done


Foods today so far:

Breakfast: two fried eggs, pan toast
“Lunch:” 1/4 cup almonds, diet coke

It’s 6:30pm and this is all I’ve eaten and I ran and I’m going to fucking eat people

And I had to work all day from home with my relatives interrupting me every goddamn minute and I’m going to rage so hard

I need to eat immediately



This was the worst run of my entire goddamn life and I am not exaggerating 

I am an asshat and looking at the weather, thought, oh it’s only supposed to be in the high 70’s today, it will be fine to go at noon! 

Well, it rained last night and this morning, so it was muggy and humid as hell. The air was thick, like, I could feel it in my lungs. It was miserable. I am from the west coast we don’t have much humidity here and I can’t deal.  

As you can see, I stopped between miles, and motherfucker I was so slow, because I seriously felt like passing out/throwing up as a real possibility. I sat down on a bench between my two miles for a sec because I felt that dizzy and shitty. 

Also I fucking hate this trail I ran on, direct sunlight, flat, no shade, etc

This run was so awful omg 

But, I mean, I’m glad I went? It was a 15 min walk downhill to the trail, run 1 mile/walk half a mile and try not to die/run 1 mile, 15 minute walk uphill back, so I was out for about an hour. It was my first exercise this week since I’ve been so busy and cooped up so I feel better that I toughed it out (ish). 

Plus bonus wildlife I spied on my way back. 

Old selfies at midnight to remind myself I’m not always an actual slug

Rejected selfie from the weekend 

I thought I looked kind of weird and pose y but oh well 

Everyone come be fancy with me in Portland

Rejected selfie from the weekend

I thought I looked kind of weird and pose y but oh well

Everyone come be fancy with me in Portland


Breakfast: Omelette with feta, sundried tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, two ish eggs, and a piece of toast with stupid margarine. Also coffee with half and half.

Lunch: small teriyaki chicken Hawaiian plate thing

Dinner: super vegan asian noodle thing with glass noodles, mushrooms, spinach, peanuts, etc

I want to run later but my aunt wants to watch game of thrones with me

Oh did I mention my aunt is here?


It’s not damn Christmas

A shitty thing

So my dad came and took my car today. That isn’t the shitty thing, I gave it to him, but I was talking to him at lunch and I mentioned that I’ve been running more recently. 

He’s been having issues with his leg; actually, he’s had them for a long time, but now he’s finally trying to get it sorted out. At least, he wants to figure out what is wrong, so it can be managed. 

He doesn’t really like to talk about it; it’s nerve damage, to some extent, only in one leg, and he’s had multiple MRIs and seen several doctors and no one knows what’s wrong. 

He likes to joke that he needs House’s phone number. 

So he mentioned today that he’ll probably never be able to run again, and that just gutted me.

He loves running. He’s never been like a marathoner or anything, but he used to run 4-6 miles several times a week just because he loves it.

Running was just fun for him.

He would run crazy trail runs because he thinks flat ground is boring. He loved to run in the rain and the mud and just get dirty and plough through like a kid.

And he’ll probably never be able to run again.

I know people always say run and exercise and just move for those who can’t but, fuck, this exemplified that for me like nothing else has before.  

Grandparents, why do you just sit? 

You have no reading materials

you aren’t watching anything 

what do you think of for hours at a time

tell me please I must know 

Things I will be doing this weekend when we are all done moving:

  • Running
  • Buying a fuckton of groceries and cooking food
  • Getting a manicure 
  • Taking a bath 
  • Not talking to relatives