Today I felt a lot better and we were both not in the mood to cook so we got brunch.

In Portlandia fashion we had to queue outside, but it only took like 40 minutes.

It’s a Swedish cafe thing, I got the cute skillet egg thing with bacon, zucchini, leeks, dijon cream, and walnut toast. It also came with a “fruit fritter” which was basically like a nice pancake with syrup and mascarpone (or something).

Mike’s was some crepe with eggs and sausage and squash purée. I don’t remember exactly but they were the specials. Always order the specials.

Oh also Portland had these horses all over town on old…horse hooks. ?

Unfortunately I only finished half of it and then we went to Fred Meyer and felt weak and like I was going to pass out. So clearly I’m not all the way better but I’m trying!

The food was delicious though.

I’ve never been this sick.

I don’t get sick often but, fuck. This has been one of the worst days I’ve had in a long while.

I was up since 7 physically ill, and when I tried to sleep or lay down I’ve felt so nauseous. I finally managed most of a gingerale about an hour ago and I feel slightly better.

But I had to cancel my eyelash appointment, my nail appointment, I can’t workout or go to Oktoberfest tonight like we’d planned….

Basically today is the worst and everything I wanted to do got replaced with nausea ugh.


Breakfast: two eggs and two toasts
Lunch: pasta from yesterday, wee piece of cake (we froze the rest)
Dinner: chicken quesadillas with sour cream, pico de gallo, and guacamole

I’m having one of those, what am I doing with a tumblr sort of phases. Like I’m just living my life and it’s not suuuuper interesting always so it’s like well…today I ate food…I exercise often…also I work…

I mean I’m not deleting at all but I might be sort of boring for a few days until I feel less…flat.

Today was less slothy than yesterday but still contained moderate slug activity, including nearly finishing the first season of Orange is the New Black (which I just started yesterday…)

But I did go for a run and make baked mac and cheese with brussels and bacon, so that’s good.


Breakfast: hash with chicken apple sausage, apple, onion, and sweet potato, with an egg and toast

Lunch: mac and cheese with brussel sprouts and bacon

Dinner: smoothie with a banana, raspberries, cream, yogurt, and casein

This run was rough, I just barely made the 3 miles in under 30 minutes (not counting the stupid .1 miles). I had to just grind out the last two miles. Air quality is shit here lately. I also walked an extra mile, in addition to the 10 blocks there and back, because I felt like I’d been in the house too much.

I also made an appointment for eyelash extensions on Friday and I’m going to get my nails done again yay. Slug status is getting a little too real lately.

I haven’t posted on tumblr in a…day. I guess it’s just been a day (wow why does it feel longer, I am sad haha) 

It would make sense if I’d been super busy or life had been full of emotional upheaval, but that would be a lie

I’ve really just been laying around, working, and watching the whole first season of Orange is the New Black because I was too lazy to watch it when it first came out

I haven’t left the house since Monday night 

in other news I am an actual slug 


time to run before I actually melt into the ground like the disgusting slothperson that I am


Today I felt really shitty (hungover and still pretty sad tbh) and also it was so hot so major slug status, I just lumped around and worked a bit all lumpy and sorry for myself 

but then we went to the gym for bench and it just made my day so much better, we benched with these two other guys who are just so nice; one of them is this super tall lanky guy in his 40’s and the other one is this jolly sweaty Santa of a man. 

We did triples, working up to failure or close to; I failed 115 both times on the 3rd rep but I have never tried for more than 2 at 115, and it’s been like a month, so I’m feeling alright. 

We were there for a few hours and I just walked out feeling new and happy. That gym is rapidly becoming my happy place. 

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday messages. Since tumblr is annoying this way and if I respond they go away, I won’t be responding because I am selfish and I wants to keep them. c: But thank you. 

I deleted my post from last night, I am still bummed but it felt whiny and too sorry for myself (I was drunk when I posted that so…), and Mike tried to make my birthday nice and most of it was good, so I’d rather focus on that. 

So, to start, birthday selfie plus my name not being Rhianna, nope, not even. I am desperate for fall but it was in the 80’s and I wanted a fucking pumpkin spice latte ugh. So I got it iced (but half sweet and extra shot, they are so fucking sweet). 

So yesterday we went to the zoo because I am obsessed with furry animals wheeee it was really nice. 

We saw lots of bears (I wanted to cuddle with them all but I know this isn’t allowed, but ehhh tiny Malaysian sun bear I want yous) and a cheetah very close and a tiny elephant. It was really fun and we walked a lot too. 

Then we went to this restaurant in the Pearl; it had a nice view of a park with a little pool and waterfall, it was full of families and fun people watching. 

This drink was amazing: it was bourbon, elderflower liqueur, and cava, I got two of them and only switched to a different one because getting three felt sort of silly and I figured I should branch out. 

We also had a meat and cheese board and two flatbreads, one with fennel sausage, cheese, red sauce, and spinach, and one with blue cheese, pears, watercress, and walnuts. 

The food was all great and it was really nice sitting outside in the evening. 

(So let’s ignore the part after, where Mike and I went to another bar, got into a really stupid argument and went home, and then I drank wine on the porch by myself for an hour or so and cried a little, and then after we resolved things, proceeded to get more drunk and watch Doctor Who. That part wasn’t my favorite. But most of the day was nice.) 


I got a caaaaaaake
I am fish btw that is meeeee

Today is my birthday and I am going to go see some fancy animals and also drink some drinks later on 


I got a caaaaaaake

I am fish btw that is meeeee

Today is my birthday and I am going to go see some fancy animals and also drink some drinks later on 


I got a caaaaaaake 

I am fish btw that is meeeee

I got a caaaaaaake

I am fish btw that is meeeee


-Before gym: coffee with cream, C4 
-Breakfast: ww protein waffles with bacon and banana
-“Lunch”: IPA, cheese and crackers
-Dinner: bacon cheeseburger and a few of these fries


Today was good; gym for 2 hours which was fun and challenging, nice late brunch, laundry at the awesome place (so beer and cards happened during), a few errands, present, burger, etc.

It’s my birthday tomorrowwwww